WWK Versicherungen

The collaboration with WWK began with the cancellation at short notice
of an exhibition stand builder for the construction of a 49 sqm stand.

Mobile exhibition system

The already ongoing plans to switch to a mobile
mobile trade fair system were now accelerated.
Two weeks before the planned trade fair appearance, we were awarded the contract to design an eye-catching trade fair stand and to deliver it on time.

This resulted in a great cooperation, because ayble took over
all of the insurer’s planned events from now on.
With an average of 15 trade fairs per year and a large number of smaller events, such as internal events, customer touchpoints and information stands, WWK was able to save enormous costs thanks to the flexibility it gained. Even Christmas pictures in the spacious entrance hall of the group headquarters were now presented via the ayble system.

The variety and high level of creativity of our customers inspire us everyday.

Frames: 250+
Panels: 500+
Set-up time: /
Stand size from – to: 2sqm-100sqm

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