With Nikon we present one of our first customers.

Allround Service

We have been working successfully with the camera manufacturer for many years and serve 5-8 trade fairs per year that are not created by conventional stand builders.

Nikon has always used our Allround Service.
Which means that we store the system, regularly check the condition and stock
and stock, deliver the equipment to the venue and set it up.
and set it up.

Particularly noteworthy is Nikon’s sustainable and economical graphic design.
Due to the simple stand design in the corporate identity, only a few graphics are replaced by new motifs depending on the thematic focus. This saves money and time in planning.

After more than 80 trade fairs for Nikon, the frames and accessories we produced back then are still in use. A prime example of environmentally friendly trade fair construction and a seal of approval for our quality, which we are very pleased about.

Frame: 80+
Panels: 200+
Set-up time: 1-2 persons – 1-4 hours
Stand size from – to: 15sqm-50sqm

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