Mixed projects

Here we have put together a selection, with projects,
that are something special.

This exhibition stand for Dehner is designed in the style of the branches.
perfectly complemented by wooden panels and can be set up in no time at all.

ESTA Absaugtechnik needed an exhibition stand with a double floor in order to be able to cable their equipment, which weighs up to five tonnes.
equipment. Such special requirements are a welcome challenge for us.
a welcome challenge for us.


The Barmer Ersatzkasse’s trade fair presentation is fresh and interactive. Blackboard panels serve as magnetic boards and can be labelled on a daily basis. A creative appearance that remains in the visitors‘ memory.

Linde’s small staff exhibition stand, complete with monitor,
safely packed in a flight case around the world.

We want to attach 40-50 guitars to our stand,
Is that possible with your mobile exhibition system?“ – Challenge accepted!
Meinl needed a high-quality and stable solution for their Ibanez guitars that was and stable solution for their Ibanez guitars that is not only practical, but also looks elegant.

Artist Simon Denny hired us for his project on blockchain and cryptocurrency to present the banks of the future.

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