Flexibility and simplicity of ayble

Rapid deployment in hotels and gastronomy

The renowned tea brand Althaus wanted a trade fair stand for its young subsidiary Trink Meer Tee (TMT) that was as flexible as a mobile trade fair system, but just as representative as the stand of a professional stand builder. The follow-up costs for future trade fairs were to be kept low during the planning.

In the course of the project, the idea arose to expand the Althaus stands built by the stand builder with the modular system from ayble in order to be able to present both brands. While the main brand appears in an established style, our modularity underlines the fresh flair of the TMT brand.

The flexibility and simplicity of ayble was convincing. Thus, smaller PoS stands were created from the existing trade fair system, which are practical to stow away in the car boot, can be set up on their own and are thus perfect for quick use in hotels and in the gastronomy sector.

Set-up time: 2 persons – 3 hours
Stand size from to: 2sqm-25sqm

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